Practice Areas

Property Damage/Property Insurance Claims

The most valuable and precious asset you own is your home. It’s where you raise your families and create many lasting memories. In addition, you rely on the equity you have in your home to secure your futures. Therefore, when your home is damaged, either by a storm or a careless third party, you must seek sufficient compensation to return your home to its pre-damaged condition.

However, insurance companies spend millions of dollars every year on attorneys, experts, and even computer software in an attempt to pay as little as possible on your property insurance claims. To combat the insurance companies you must hire attorneys that know the insurance companys’ game and how to beat them at it.

Binegar Christian, LLC has successfully litigated hundreds of property damage claims. Let us help you safeguard your home and ensure your future

Flood Insurance Claims

Flood insurance claims are almost exclusively based upon the National Flood Insurance Act (“NFIA”), a very complex federal statute that controls the adjustment and payment of flood claims nationally. There are very strict requirements that need to be met, most notably the Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss—which is an affidavit that provides a list of information to your flood insurer so that your claim can move forward. Since the NFIA is a federal statute, any lawsuit enforcing the provisions of this Act will be litigated in federal court. Any failure to meet the requirements of the NFIA will result in the dismissal of your claim. You need experienced counsel to help you negotiate these treacherous waters. We can help.

Personal Injury Claims

Whether it is a car accident or a slip/trip and fall at a place of business, you need experienced counsel to make sure the car insurance company or the responsible party fully compensates you for your injuries and damages. Binegar Christian has nearly twenty years of experience handling such claims. We can make sure your rights are protected.

Mortgage Company Issues

Mortgage companies tend to abuse property owners, and courts often let mortgage companies get away with illegal conduct as it relates to homeowners. Whether it is traditional mortgage companies or reverse mortgage institutions, these companies attempt to take full advantage of any financial hardship you might be experiencing in order to foreclose on your hole. We will fight these companies si that you can keep the most valuable asset you will ever own—your home.